unAmerican Activities 2: Virtual Cabaret

Update: Recordings from unAmAc 2 available at Archive of the Now here.unAmAc virtual cabaret 1-page-001

unAmerican Activities international reading series presents:

Virtual Cabaret, a new platform for multiple short readings hosted in Cambridge (UK) and New York, linked by live video and audio feed. Readers at our New York and Cambridge venues will share their work via the flexible and informal format of live video chat. Both venues will present four or five readers, reading for 5 to 7 minutes, with scope for unprogrammed extra contributions, conversation and exchange. The whole reading will last about ninety minutes. A pamphlet collecting some of the works read will be freely available. Free wine and amuse-bouches. Optional chatroulette afterparty.


Christina Chalmers
Corina Copp
Amy De’Ath
Jeremy Hardingham
Ian Heames
Josef Kaplan
Justin Katko
Luke McMullan
Sophie Seita
Michael Tencer

*impromptu contributions welcome*


Date: 7 July 2013

Venue NYC: Page Poetry Parlor, 435 W 22nd Street
4pm (EST)
Venue Cambridge: Judith E Wilson Drama Studio, Cambridge
9pm (GMT)


Reading 1: Lanny Jordan Jackson and Peter Larkin

UPDATE: Recordings available from Archive of the Now.

unamerican activities 1 - lanny jordan jackson and peter larkin

The first reading for UnAmerican Activities was on May 12 2013 at the Page Poetry Parlor in New York and the Judith E. Wilson Studio in Cambridge.

Lanny Jordan Jackson read from Manhattan and Peter Larkin read from Cambridge.

Harriet mention here.

Comment by JH Prynne on the poetry of Peter Larkin after the reading can be found in No Prizes #2, which is available from ©_© Press.

Page 22 Poetry Parlor

Page 22 Poetry Parlor